Eifler Kunststoff-Technik positions itself for the electromobile future

Sustainability and the control of emissions are important. The company Eifler Kunststoff-Technik in Bad Salzuflen has been dealing with these topics not only since the Corona crisis, but has set the course for this at an early stage. Just a few days ago, the company again successfully passed the recertification of the energy management standard 50001:2018 and was able to score points with a CO2 eco-balance prepared for the first time for 2019.

Eifler Kunststoff-Technik relies on the use of energy-efficient plant technologies in production and plans further investments here. It fits in with the picture that the vehicle fleet is also being subjected to critical scrutiny. The company wants to gradually electrify its vehicle fleet as far as possible. In line with the first electrified vehicle, a plug-in hybrid, an electric charging station was set up at the Röntgenstraße site in cooperation with the Bad Salzuflen public utility company. "The electric charging station gives us the opportunity to charge our electrified company vehicles directly at the site. In order to keep the charging time as short as possible, we have set up two charging points with 22kW each," explains Andreas Kasper, Managing Director of Eifler Kunststoff-Technik.

A charging power of 22kW represents the current maximum standard for AC charging. A fully electric vehicle of the middle class is thus fully charged again in approx. 3 hours.

For the municipal utility in Bad Salzuflen, the charging stations in company parking lots are a further step in electromobility. "We have been involved with electromobility for over 10 years. We added our first electric vehicle to our vehicle pool back in 2010. In the meantime, we offer a wide range of products in the field of electromobility for both private and commercial customers and can also respond to individual requests," says Frank Lohmeier, head of the procurement and sales department at the municipal utility, explaining the orientation of the municipal utility in Bad Salzuflen in the field of electromobility.

Photo: EKT

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