Information on the current delivery situation

Dear Sir or Madam,

In connection with the Corona pandemic, we have already referred in the past to the tense market situation, the short-term nature of the supply of raw materials and the associated unstable process chains. In view of the current sharp rise in the number of corona infections in China and the associated strict lockdown and quarantine measures, interruptions in the global supply chains cannot be ruled out.   

In addition, a new conflict has arisen in recent weeks, which could further exacerbate the already existing raw material bottlenecks. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the global sanctions currently resulting from it have the potential to further unsettle markets worldwide and have a lasting impact.

In this respect, we are facing a situation that none of us expected and whose further development is incalculable for us. We are following developments very closely and carefully.

In the course of the current situation, however, we must point out that the possibility of a shortage of raw materials exists. For their part, some of our suppliers have already specifically informed us of impending difficulties in the supply of raw materials and vendor parts. These suppliers are endeavoring to secure the supply situation and avoid a supply bottleneck. The tight supply situation is also accompanied by price increases, in some cases drastic, in the area of logistics and also for important precursors, particularly for plastics. We hope that the current market turbulence will soon calm down.

Eifler Kunststoff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG can not exclude, despite all efforts for individual articles and article groups, that there may be disruptions in the operating process and, for example, extended delivery times. Of course, we would inform separately and specifically about this.

We remain convinced that we can master even this difficult situation together with our customers and suppliers.

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