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Visible parts

High-gloss surfaces, dimensional stability, scratch resistance, high variance

Design is important - but perfect only in combination with functionality. We produce high quality visible parts in high-gloss optics and with noble depth effects through back-printed, transparent viewing panels and foils - quality that you can see. Dimensional stability, scratch resistance and high variance are the characteristics that define the class of our products.

Colors, functions, geometries: The variety of our products is large.

We rise to the challenge of adapting our processes to your "just in time" and "just in sequence" requirements.

Read more about printing on visible parts here

Utility parts

Special material properties, plasma treatment, assembly

Develop - Manufacture - Refine: The production of plastic parts with flushing properties demonstrates the challenges that mold and injection molding technology face today. We are specialized in geometry, materials and production technology - right through to state-of-the-art surface treatment that optimizes the drying process in the purge chamber.

Your advantage from this - the benefit is yours!

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Functional parts

Multi-component injection molding (optics/haptics/function), insert molding, assembly, joining technologies

Whether fully automated separation and preforming of inserts, their positionally accurate overmolding or the gating of sealing, functional or design elements: Only those who are proficient in high-precision and complex machine technology can deliver demanding quantities and guaranteed output rates!


Fully and semi-automated assembly, leak testing and function monitoring, large-scale production

For the supply of assemblies with an annual acceptance of more than 1 million parts, processes are required which must guarantee quality and delivery readiness at the very highest level. This includes implemented processes and technologies - far beyond the core area of injection molding technology. We accept the challenge - we give the guarantee in writing!

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Filter systems

Overmolding of plastic - / and metal screen cloths as well as perforated plates

The fully and partially automated separation and preforming of magazined or "endless" screen meshes, their positionally accurate overmolding and subsequent finishing (thermal treatment, passivation or assembly) involve highly demanding challenges that must be implemented with process reliability. Filter us out as a supplier!

Cable protection

Thin-wall technology, film hinges, overmolding of electrical cables, know-how in further processing and integration of partial cable harnesses and power cables

Anyone who overmolds, assembles or further processes electrical cables in any form outside the core technology must understand his trade. Product-specific action under high quality and economically good conditions have to be harmonized. We are specialized in this.

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