Energy efficiency

In addition to environmentally friendly production, we introduced an innovative and sustainable energy concept in 2012. The cooling energy supply system presented by energy-saving specialist ONI Wärmetrafo GmbH, which is divided into two closed circuits, serves the mold and machine cooling circuits via separate pipelines at different temperatures.

The basis of the new heating energy concept is the use of waste heat from the oil cooling of the injection molding machines. This energy (in our case approx. 300 kW waste heat output) is converted into valuable heating energy by special heaters and heating coils in the ventilation system. With this heating concept based on waste heat, we have sustainably reduced the heating energy costs incurred to date by around 90%. Low-temperature heating technology has an additional effect. Office and hall heaters are able to create an ideal temperature difference between heating warmth output and room air temperature, resulting in homogeneous mixing in the room and a pleasant indoor climate.

In 2016, an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 was introduced, and efforts are continuously being made to improve energy management. 

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