Printing on exposed parts

In terms of surface finishing, EKT has many years of experience and expertise. EKT offers pad printing and laser marking in-house. EKT offers screen printing in cooperation with KMV GmbH in Herford, an experienced company in the field of painting and surface finishing.

For this purpose, KMV GmbH works with a fully interlinked 6-color screen printing system for the use of solvent-based printing inks. Depending on the size of the component, printing can be done in single or multiple-up.

ESC Multicolor 6-color screen printing system

for industrial printing of control panels/flat panels using solvent-based screen printing inks.

The maximum print image size is 590mm*150mm. The output is up to 150 pieces per hour depending on the printing variant. It is equipped with 6 printing stations and one K-NIR dryer per station.

The components to be printed are held in the goods carriers by means of a vacuum throughout the entire printing process. A Mitsubishi SCARA 4-axis robot places the components securely positioned in the goods carriers, which are manufactured under a controlled environment in clean room conditions and an external material feed and removal system. The components can still be marked at the end of the printing system via an inkjet printer (part number, serial number, production date all in plain text or also as a data matrix code).

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